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Jan 30, 2007

BBC must be pressed to report the Balen report controversy?

In a previous Balen Report article we noted that the BBC was resisting a Freedom of Information request for the release of an internal report, the Balen report, which it is thought alleges bias in BBC news reporting of the Israeli / Palestine conflict.
Giving some further thought to this we wondered if there was any mention of this on the BBC news website. Surely this would be at minimum at least a minor news item? The BBC is not slow to use Freedom of Information legislation to seek information about the operation of government departments - and quite rightly so. Surely then we though they would see it as their duty to report a controversial Freedom of Information request directed at the BBC itself?

So we searched. And we searched.

There were a couple of mentions of the report in comments in an editors blog. But was there an actual news report on the issue? What do you think? Zilch, zero, nuffin, nowwt, diddly squat.

It seems likely that the BBC will attempt to keep this issue dark and secret unless it is forced to the surface. Well folks - thats what the internet is for - we need to start pressin the BBC to report this matter!

You can read an independant report that the BBC governors commissioned on the impartiality of their news reporting of the Isreal/Palestine conflict.

For more views on alleged BBC bias try http://biased-bbc.blogspot.com/

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