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Feb 10, 2009

My new Laptop has gone to heaven

I have always written and posted most of my blog posts with a laptop. I was using an IBM Thinkpad X20 but it was getting on for almost seven years old. I realised it needed changing the other week when I noticed that the front cover had nearly melted because the battery pack seemed to short itself out. The front casing became too hot to touch and the plastic almost melted. Not a good sign.

Luckily I was there at the time. I don't know what would have happened if I hadn't been there to disconnect and shut it down. It was a reliable machine for a long time but it's amazing how slow and cranky an old cluttered computer can get. You try to clean out old files and stuff and not let the registry get cluttered with dud entries but it's hard to stop your PC from accumulating clutter and eventually the arteries harden and it gets stiff and creaky.

So now my old laptop has retired and I hope has gone to the great laptop designer in the sky. In its place I am now driving a Thinkpad X200. What a difference a new machine makes!

Suddenly everything seems blistering fast, even my same Internet connection, and that's taking some getting used to.

Perhaps those believers among you would say a little prayer for my old laptop. He was a good ol' boy in his time and I would like to think that he has gone to a better place rather than being judged on his blue screen and battery failures and consigned to computer hell.


Delirious said...

I think it would be better to pray for the one who generated the thoughts. ;)

Bunc said...

Alert readers among you will notice that this is a classic example of Premature Blogulation. This is a persistant condition that I suffer from but I am attending a blog therapist and am hopeful of a cure.

I posted this post without having warmed up my blog throroughly and, specifically without having properly read the headline that I was about to post.

You will realise that I meant to say "My OLD laptop has gone to Heaven".

I will leave it as it stands as reminder to me to engage in some appropriate pre-pressing-of-the-publish-button reading of what I am about to post.

Bunc said...

Delirious - I am quite sure that I am beyond even the redemptive power of your prayers.

Looney said...

Certainly we will understand at such a moment in life. I tried my best to post something appropriate to honor the fallen, but no doubt nothing can make up for this loss.

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