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Feb 23, 2009

That Buggy Blogger !

I have noticed that Bloggers inline comments Captcha appears to be playing up, at least for me recently. The problem seems to happen with both Internet Explorer 7 and FireFox. After typing comments and entering ID the Captcha image fails to appear.

Blogger is a great platform in many ways but it has also had plenty of buggy and flaky moments over the years. Image upload problems used to be a common complaint but it has been a long time since I have had any problems in that area.

Bloggers inline comments setting was a bit flaky in the past after it was introduced but the Captcha has worked without problems before for me. This may take a bit of digging around to find if the problem is my end or with blogger so in the meantime I am going to revert to the older style comments setting.

It would be good to know if others have had problems with the comments Captcha - but of course if you have then you probably wont be able to comment so I wont know! Oh the joys of blogging.


DB said...

I was unable to comment on your blog from my work computer because of the comment system you had going didn't work with our outdated browsers (this right now is the normal blogger comment though...didn't you have something else? Or is that what captcha is?).

Bunc said...

Hi DB,
I was using the inline comments feature which puts the comments right in the page. However it seems a bit buggy so I have reverted to the older approach for now.

Marf said...

Yeah, I was going to switch to the inline comments feature, but Monique couldn't see the comment box on her mobile device.

I suspect that's because for some reason they use an inline frame to display the comment box. Many mobile browsers don't support inline frames.

I thought that was kinda stupid when I saw how they were doing that. The actual comment box is on a different page. They just display that page in an inline frame with a transparent background and no border.

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