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Aug 12, 2010

Wishing Marf Well

I find it hard to believe that the last time I posted on this blog was in April,  but post dates dont lie.  All those interesting events in the world that have happened since I last posted and I missed my chance to pontificate about them !   I do like having the occassional short break from blogging though - it gives me a chance to sometimes come back with a slightly different angle on things.

The downside of taking a blogging break is that you take a serious risk with any regular readers who have shown loyalty to your blog. At times in the past I have had a good regular readership and then had to build it up again having taken a break. Here we go again then I guess.

I began by checking a couple of long standing blogging friends , Looney and Marf. Looney is a nice chap but we are like chalk and cheese on some fundamental issues and always will be. More of that anon I suspect.  Marf is a young guy from Alaska and on checking his blog it looks like he's taking a break from blogging just as I'm getting back into the saddle. From the tone of his last post I'm not sure if he'll be blogging again which would be a great shame.  On the other hand marf has always been clear that he was desparate to get away from his particular backwoods part of Alaska and it seems that he has now engineered his "great escape".

Marf will probably never read this but nevertheless I'd like to wish Marf bon voyage on his new venture in life - I have every confidence that having made the "leap"  ( to Boise Idaho ) he will find a new confidence and direction in his life. Best wishes Marf and I hope we hear more from you once your settled.


Delirious said...

Nice to see you around again Bunc. I have you on my follow list. I never seem to get around to removing blogs from my follow list....probably because of laziness.

Chalk and cheese...lol ...I've never heard that term before.

Looney said...

Now I am going to spend an inordinate amount of time worrying about whether I am chalk or cheese! Always something profound to ponder.

Marf dialed in to my blog a day or two ago, so I suspect he will be up and about shortly. I do hope he is able to get settled in with some productive work there.

Bunc said...

Hi Looney and Delirious - it's nice to hear from you. Sounds like Marf is taking a grab at life which is good.

"like Chalk and Cheese" is a well used idiom over here - what's the saying over there for something like that?

Looney said...

I believe the expression here is "oil and water".

Marf said...

The nice thing is, if your followers subscribe to your RSS feed, they will be alerted when you do make a new post, even if it's been a while since the last one.

This is the first I've heard of "chalk and cheese". Oil and water is the way I know it. I suppose you want to decide if you're going to be the stinky moldy one or not...

And thanks. As it happens, I'm subscribed to the RSS feed, so here I am!

I just got my own internet service today, been leeching off the neighbor until now (with permission!). So I could actually return to blogging at any time, but I'm enjoying the break.

Rummuser said...

Bunc, I had almost given up on you. Had you not posted when you did, I was to remove you from my book marks! Welcome back. I hope to see a lot of blog posts.

Bunc said...

Hi Marf = great to hear that you are still keeping tabs on whats being said and that you aren't lost to the world of blogging. I'm pretty certain that I am the stinky smelly mouldy one who's always right.

Hi Rum - it's nice that you waited this long before thinking of removing me from your list. Hopefully I will be blogging fairly regularly again now.

I'll be popping round to everyone's blogs soon to catch up.

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