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Dec 23, 2008

Blog and Computer festive clear out

I don't know what it is about this time of year but I always get the urge to do a bit of a clear out of my blog and my computer as we go into the festive season. I am running out of space on my blog for the various things that I want to put on it so I am thinking of starting the new year with a revamp of my blog template.

I have had my present template since I started and having just the one sidebar and a narrow format for the template now seems very restrictive. I have seen a nice clean three column white template on some other blogs so unless I have a change of heart I think I will change to that early in the new year.

If my blog seems cluttered then my computer is an absolute nightmare. Although I try to not leave orphaned files lying around on the desktop there are always files hanging about where they shouldn't be. So it's a tidy up for them too.


Delirious said...

I have this same template on my religion blog, and I will admit that I miss the extra sidebars. Maybe I should change that template too. I'm too much of a creature of habit to change my regular blog template though. I've had that since I started..what was it?...three years ago?

There is a really fancy site where you can use all kinds of fancy papers and things. My sister Nene occasionally fancies up her blog with that. I guess I should ask her about it.

Clean White Bunc said...

It's easy to get into a state of inertia with your blog I think. I have tweaked this regularly in the past but I think it's due a more substantial shakeup now.
I am not convinced that fancy backgrounds is the way I want to go though. I tend to like fairly clean white designs so I am tempted to take this blog in that direction. I am thinking of essentially a white design but with possibly a banner picture of Ayrshire in the header. I was thinking of clipping an image from the waterfall picture that I posted sometime ago.

Marf said...

You've seen how I like a blog template. I always seem to be sitting in a dark room in front of my computer (damn Alaskan nights), so I like the darker web pages.

And no, it doesn't really have anything to do with me being in Alaska. It's just that I seem to stay up late. Perfect example: it is 3:33 AM here as I'm writing this, and I'm sitting here with only my monitors as a light.

Sleepless in Ayrshire said...

Marf - LOL. I think we must share a common nocturnal ancestor! The difference is that my eys aren't what they used to be and I find black text on a white background a bit easier on my middle aged eyes.

Before I change my template I am going to check my Statcounter logs and see if there are many people who come here who have an 800 x 600 screen size because this template is optimized for that size I think. I would really like a bit more space and I reckon there cant be many using that minimum spec now.

BTW Marf - I know Alaska is more extreme re dark nights in Winter but Scotland is a bit like that as well. The days are quite short at this time of year. It helps if you have vampire ancestors though.

Marf said...

@ Bunc (Sleepless, whatever): Speaking of eyes, how is yours doing? Any better?

I've scaled my layout for a screen of at least 1024 wide.

If it helps any, here's my top traffic resolutions:
1024x768: 53.79%
1280x1024: 14.66%
1280x800: 12.26%
1440x900: 5.70%
800x600: 4.04%
1680x1050: 2.63%
1152x864: 2.58%
The rest are below 1%.

I'd say maybe 5% of my total traffic is less than 1024 wide.

Interesting thing, the lowest resolution was 240x160. I can only imagine that was a cell phone. The highest was 3200x1200 (dual 1600x1200) or 2560x1600 (my dad's 30-inch monster monitor).

Bunc said...

Both eyes functioning as well as before ( which isnt saying much).

Your stats are similar to my historical stats. When I checked Statcounter for my most recent stats I discovered that some Japanese IP seems to have used up all my 500 free log spaces by crawling every page - so i'll need to wait a coupla days till my normal stats fill up.

However approx 5% at 800x600 seems about right. I am not sure I want to have my whole layout cater for such minorty viewing anymore.

The 240x160 is interesting. You might be right about a mobile. With CSS it is possible to deliver an altered CSS template depending on the user agent, resolution etc but I am not sure if blogspot blogs can be made to work that way. I must check that out when I get time ( which will probably be never then.)

Keep breathing!

Marf said...

@ Bunc: You can do about anything you want with css in blogspot. I have mine set to include an external file that I use in the rest of my website.

I use Google Analytics for my site stats.

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