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Jan 26, 2009

Comment issues

Everything just went too well really. Or so I thought. Marf pointed out to me that my in page comments box is not showing. Damnit Damnit Damnit. It seems I must manually insert the code for such a comment box. While I contemplate performing such keyhole surgery on my blog I am going to change the settings so that a comments pop up appears ( changed my mind - have reverted to full page comments). I am really keen to hear what folk think about my new layout. Now I need to figure out the easiest way to track down the code I need for the in page comment box. Damnit damnit damnit.

SORTED! Actually it was very easy. I just renamed the blog post widget to another name so that blogger reset the post widget and hey presto embedded comments again!


Delirious said...

I like it! Nice and clean and all of those *&%$ athiest links are out of the way. ;)

Bunc said...

Ah but they are still there Delirious! Anyway this blog was never intended to be solely about Atheism so I wanted those links to be a bit more poportionate. Glad you like it anyway.

Marf said...

Good to see you got the comment form working.

Now, I'll start a top to bottom critique.

The background in your header is interesting, how it stays in relative to the browser when you scroll. Gives the feeling that you're looking out a window.

The horizontal links directly under your header: Home is OK, Subscribe should link to what the Feedburner link is, Labels 2-5 are broken. Feedburner isn't required once you get your Subscribe linked.

Try to balance out the columns on the side. You could move the Followers widget to the far right column, perhaps the Recent Comments widget as well, I'm not sure.

In the footer, the horizontal links (About Us | Site Map | and so on) are all broken. Except for Blog Design; for some reason that links to whatever page you happen to be on.

Then you have the text "2007 Company Name". Perhaps change that to appropriate year/s and your name.

That's what I noticed so far, at least.

It's a clean, white layout. I like it better than the old one.

Bunc said...

Hi Marf - Thanks for the comments. Most of the broken links are simply there because I haven't got round to filling them in yet.

As for balancing the columns I agree. I think visually it will probably look best if the far right one is the longest ( assuming I cant get them to both be the same.) The topics list might be better over there. Must try this out.

I'll maybe post the code that gave that window look for the header image. It's straightforward but the image needs to be right particularly for a fluid design like this. The window effect only shows in Firefox though I think.

Marf said...

@ Bunc: No doubt it makes use of of a fixed position in its CSS.
And it works in my IE.

Bunc said...

That's interesting - I didn't think fixed position worked in IE - what version are you using?

Marf said...

IE version 7.0.6001.18000 on 64-bit Vista Home Premium.

Bunc said...

Mine is IE 6 which is why fixed attribute doesn't work.

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