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Feb 24, 2009

Looking for Drivers for my PC

One of the perils of upgrading a computer or getting a new one is getting all your old peripherals to work with your new setup. I don't know how organised you lot are but I invariably can't find the drivers discs that came with things like my printer, scanner etc etc. Usually I can find them eventually but now and then I just can't find the disc and this is a real nuisance because your new setup may then have problems finding the right drivers.

Sure enough this has happened again and this time it was hp drivers for a printer that I came up short on. There's a few good driver repositories on the net and I managed to find the correct drivers at driversoftware.com . I have used various such drivers sites over the years and most of them make it very easy to find the driver that you need.

Drivers for peripherals are one of those things on the PC that you never need to think about - until you don't have the right one and find that you can't get your printer to work with your new PC. Anyway with the driver installed I can now use my printer. I have an old Epson printer somewhere which is sitting doing nothing so I might have a hunt for their epson drivers and see if I can get that running as well.


Delirious said...

My biggest problem is that I have VISTA and VISTA hates everything I try to install....like my scanner

Marf said...

Usually you can go to the manufacturer's site and find the newest driver versions there.

Sometimes they're a little tough to find... You have to look under "Products" or "Support" usually.

I haven't really had too many driver issues with Vista, and I'm running 64-bit to boot.

DB said...

As tech savvy as I am (ok, try to be), I thankfully don't use any peripherals like a printer or scanner. I hate having to install crap that I may occasionally use. Or one could argue that I am not important enough to need to use those things outside of work lol. Damn. Though I do install things and tinker with settings to a point of regret and frustration, so I feel you there!

Marf said...

The best printers by far are networked laser printers.

Michael said...

My copier/printer/scanner is three in one, so I guess the one-time hassle is worth it. :)


rummuser said...

I simply changed the whole jing bang lot two weeks ago on a rip off exchange offer, at the end of which, I was left holding the bill which was more than I had thought possible to start with.

Looney said...

Bunc, you have been quiet for awhile. Hope you are doing well. Did your arm ever get fully healed?

Delirious said...

hmmm...is the arm not doing well, or maybe the computer?

opop said...

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