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Feb 5, 2008

BBC Nature: Life in Cold Blood warms my heart

The good old BBC Natural History Unit has warmed my heart again towards the BBC with it's latest Sir David Attenborough offering Life in Cold Blood which is all about the life and history of Reptiles and Amphibians.

There is little doubt in my mind that the BBC Natural History Unit makes the best photographed, most informed and frankly stunning natural history documentaries in the world. Series like Life on Earth and the Blue Planet were compulsive and awe-inspiring.

The lastest series may turn out to be lighter on visually stunning photography than the others; because on the face of it I can't imagine how any film of reptiles could for example match the scene in Blue Planet when the whale rises to engulf a school of fish completely. But judging by the first episode it will be compulsive viewing nevertheless.

Two mini highlights I thought were the tiny male poison arrow frogs of South America wrestling each other to exhaustion like something out of WWF, and the excitement of David Attenborough, returning to Madegascar after 47 years, finally seeing a midget Chameleon which was about as big as your little fingers nail.

When the BBC does good natural history it is unbeatable. And if there is anyone on this earth that I envy it is Sir David Attenborough.

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