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Feb 28, 2008

Ayrshire Earthquakes are possible

Earthquakes of the magnitude of the one that struck recently in Lincolnshire England are thankfully a rare occurrence in the UK. So rare in fact that we tend to think that we are immune to such natural events.
A check reveals though that there are geological faults in Scotland which could be the source of earthquakes at some time in the future. Now there's no great need for panic about this because these are relatively quiet faults. But they do exist and these are the most likely sources of any future significant seismic activity in Scotland.

In Scotland, most major tremors that have occurred have been along the country's three major fault lines: the Highland Boundary Fault, running from Loch Lomond to Stonehaven; the Great Glen Fault, running from Fort William to Inverness and beyond; and the Southern Upland Fault, from South Ayrshire to the East Lothian Coast. There's a map of the Southern Upland fault here.

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Looney said...

My local city passed a bond to fund an earthquake upgrade of 5 firehouses and a replacement for two old ones. The price was $50 million.

Has there ever been a building in England that collapsed due to an earthquake? One of my friends in Devonshire has a 700 year old place that was originally built by hobbits, but their construction methods seemed pretty sturdy.

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