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Apr 1, 2007

Scottish elections Ayrshire: Current MSP's

The May Scottish elections and local election issues for Ayrshire constituencies will be regular topics in this blog for the next month or so. Here are the current MSP's and candidates for Ayrshire constituencies.

Irene Oldfather MSP Cunninghame South

Allan Wilson MSP Cunninghame North

Margaret Jamieson MSP Kilmarnock and Loudon

Kathy Jamieson MSP Carrick,Cumnock and Doon Valley

John Scott MSP Ayr Constituency ( Conservative)

Below are the candidates for Ayrshire constituencies for the 2007 scottish elections. Previous encumbants are marked with *.

Carrick Cumnock and Doon valley Constituency Candidates
Ray Barry EPA
HughHill IND
Adam Ingram SNP
Cathy Jamieson LAB *
Tony Lewis CON
Paul McGreal LD

Cunnighame North Constituency Candidates
Kenneth Gibson SNP
Lewis Hutton LD
Philip Lardner CON
Campbell Martin IND
Allan Wilson LAB *

Cunninghame South Constituency Candidates
Iain Dale LD
Pat McPhee CON
Irene Oldfather LAB *
Duncan Ross SNP

Kilmarnock and Loudon Constituency Candidates
Ron Aitken LD
Willie Coffey SNP
Margaret Jamieson LAB *
Janette McAlpine CON

Ayr Constituency Candidates
John Duncan LAB
Stuart Ritchie LD
John Scott CON *
Iain White SNP

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