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May 5, 2007

Labour to challenge Cunningham North MSP result?

Breaking news: Reports are emerging that the Labour Party in Scotland is considering a legal appeal over the result of the Cunninghame North MSP election result.
The SNP took the Cunningham North constituency by a mere 48 votes and the indications are that the Labour party may be considering an appeal relating to ballot papers which were considered "spoilt" or otherwise uncounted.

Such a challenge could have major repercussions as the SNP currently only have a 1 seat margin over Labour to make them the largest party in the Scottish Parliament. Given the high number of ballot papers uncounted across the country because of a range problems with voters understanding the ballot papers this action could open the door to other election result challenges. This may be particularly likely as in a number of constituencies the margin of victory was close to the number of uncounted ballots.


Looney said...

Sounds like the Florida election again ...

Bunc said...

Hi Looney - it does doesnt it. I suppose the difference is that with the Scottish Election there has been no suggestion that the large number of rejected votes is the result of manipulation. sadly in our case its just incompetent farce.

Take your pick whether you blame our incompetence as an electorate in reading the instructions or those who decided to run the election this way. In my case it may be my own incompetency because thinking back I am not 100% certain that I completed the ballot paper correctly I think I did but...)

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