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Mar 24, 2007

Scottish blog roundup

Today we are mostly doing - a brief round up of blog posts about Scotland and Scottish Issues.

First of all - One of the articles here about Wind farm applications in Ayrshire has been reproduced by an interesting and informative US site Wind Watch that monitors wind farm issues. and which is generally opposed to large scale wind farm developments.

Some bloggers have been commenting on the Royal bank of Scotland threatening its staff with disciplinary action if they dont have their main bank account with the Royal bank of Scotland. This is fairly universally condemned by bloggers and rightly so. eg Ballots,balls and bikes Ethx blog

There has also been much comment on the funding of the SNP by Brian Souter and the fact that he is allegedly right wing and anti-gay ( he funded a campaign to keep section 28). votelaw
Another blogger, Progressive politics, suggests that this calls into question if the SNP are really the left of centre progressive party that they like to portray themselves as. In fact Peter Tatchell has been quoted as saying;

“The SNP would never accept a donation from an avowed racist, so why are they accepting funding from a man who is clearly homophobic? Accepting this tainted money is an outrageous insult to every gay person in Scotland and to everyone who loves and respects human rights.”

Blogger Mcgellie argues that the SNP are talking too much about tax rather than independance itself. Could this be because they realise that once the public starts examining the details of the costs of setting up Independance there will be some hard questions asked? Could this be because of the black hole in the SNP's financial planning?

We are not the only ones to detect the whiff of a strategy for causing constitutional chaos in the SNP plan for the "first 100 days" if they win the forthcoming Scottish elections in May. Will their tactic if they win be to pick fights with the UK parliament and to then launch an independence referendum on the back of this? We think this seems a likely scenario and so does Popular Alliance. - but a word to them - you might be right about SNP tactics but the bad news for you is that the Popular Alliance itself doesn't have a hope of political power anywhere and so won't need a 100 day plan!

And for those ladies who are sick of diets that don't work - Scottish doctors have reported an amazing diet breakthrough.

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