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Apr 5, 2007

Ayrshire Election Issues

The political parties in Ayrshire are of and running for the May Scottish elections. What local and national issues are of most concern to the Ayrshire electorate? Will Local Council elections be fought on local issues or mostly be influenced by national issues?

(Follow this link for a list of candidates for Ayrshire Constituencies)

Is the SNP right that Ayrshire voters are most concerned about Independence - or is the SNP polls rise more about disatisfaction with Labour? Will we face years of political and economic turmoil if the SNP win or will everything in the garden turn rosy?

Should the election be about the Ayrshire economy and jobs? How big an issue is education in Ayrshire? What are the problems with the NHS in Ayrshire?

Its time to tell Ayrshire politicians what we think. In Ayrshire the Labour party, SNP, Lib Dems, Conservatives and others will be telling us what they think we want to hear over the coming weeks - but what do we want to tell them?

Use the comment link below and tell us about important Ayrshire election issues. Who will win and who will be the also rans? Its going to be your decision so have your say!


Abdelilah Boukili said...
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Anonymous said...

Talk is that things are not good with the SNP/Independance supporters in Cunningham North with dissension over candidates.

WR said...

If we are going to get Scotland out of the Union then doesnt it make sense also to get her out of tyhe bigger union that is the EU?

Archie said...

WR, you want an independant scotland out of the EU - but I thought Salmonds/SNP strategy was Independance within the EU?

One of the things I have been thinking of is the SNP strategy to "keep the pound" after independence. Now as I understand it one of their beefs withteh Union is that intterest rates are set to reflect conditions down south. Wouldnt keeping the pound just leave us in the same position? Arguably worse because then we would have no influence at all on interest rates but would still be tied to the pound. And surely things would be even worse if we went with the Euro - interests rates would then be set to reflect mainland eurpean conditions and not necessarily our conditions and we would be an even smaller fish in an even bigger pond. Something doesnt make sense about all this.

Anonymous said...

I wonder how much the SNP campaign to keep Ayr A&E open will influence the vote? certainly those in carrick and doon valley will be most affected by this and may see a labour -> snp vote shift

John said...

I think your right about the Ayr A&E and how this will effect voting. Labour may get a bit of a kicking over issues like this. Not sure I'll be voting SNP though. I havnt made up my mind yet. they are all a bunch of liars. They'll say anything to get your vote but its differenet afterwards.

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