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Feb 10, 2008

Worldwide Anti -Scientology Protests today

Scientology "Churches" around the world will be the subject of protests today (10th Feb) as the campaign by the internet group "anonymous" stages a series of demonstrations against the dangerous cult of scientology. At the time of writing, peaceful protests have already taken place at various locations across Australia and more anti-scientology demonstrations are planned across the globe today.

These protests will be small this time and most events will probably attract no more than a few hundred people. These numbers are not the meaure of this campaign though. Scientology is a rich and litigious sect which has frequently tried to act to squash any criticism by resorting to the courts. It seeks to silence it's opponents by tying them up in litigation. This campaign marks the start of a real movement to "out" Scientology for what it is - a cult which brainwashes the vulnerable. A quasi-religious corporation which leeches from it's victims.

While todays protests will be global they will involve only perhaps a few thousand demonstrators. The true worth of the protests though is that this marks only the start of the campaign against Scientology. All those who have been involved must continue to spread the word about the dangerous cult of Scientology.

A map of the 10th Feb protests against Scientology.

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