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Jan 27, 2008

Scientology "cult" under attack

Apparently a secretive Internet group have decided to take down the Scientology organisation which claims to be a Church but has frequently been accused of being a dangerous cult. The group have launched what they call Project Chanology. The Scientology organisation has at times been very litigious in attacking anyone who dared to attempt to criticise it. Recently it was caused some embarrassment when a video of Tom Cruise talking about Scientology was posted on the Internet.

Scientology was founded by the Science fiction writer L Ron Hubbard. Hubbards science fiction may have been pretty poor but he did manage to leave behind him the Scientology organisation which espouses a mixture of pop psychology and "the aliens are coming" beliefs. Scientology would be laughable were it not for the fact that they often seek vulnerable people as recruits and put them through pseudo psychological treatments. Meanwhile the organisation has become powerful and very secretive and appears to be extremely wealthy at the top.

The group which has decided to attack Scientology seems to be aiming to use various methods including denial of service attacks and "Google bombing". Google bombing aims to ensure that people post hyperlinks all over the Internet linking the Scientology website to the words "dangerous cult".

They explain that this can be done by simply posting a hyperlink like this;

dangerous cult

If a lot of people copy links like this and post them on the internet then of course a search for the word "cult" on Google will list the Scientology website at the top.

I wrote this article in a bit of a hurry so I hope I haven't accidentally mixed my links up above as I haven't had time to check them properly :-)

Best wishes to everyone at Scientology dot org!

1 comment:

Marf said...

Judging from the quote at the top of you page, I gather you're an atheist. As am I. Sure, I dislike all religions. But Scientology is worse than most, at least in modern times. I hesitate to even call it a religion, it's much more of a dangerous cult.

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