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Mar 1, 2007

Tommy Sheridan the Comedy Socialist

Tommy Sheridan, whose political and private antics have regularly had the whole country laughing at him, has decided to turn his comedy talents to a more constructive use. He is to front a comedy show!
Sheridan will be the opening compere for a comedy show starring socialist comedian Mark Steel, at the Garage in Sauchiehall Street.
Sheridan, who is a Glasgow MSP and leader of the Solidarity party, claimed: "It will the first time I've turned my hand to comedy. And I'm aware that when you front one of these nights there is an expectation that you will be funny."
Tommy is of course being far too modest here as many people will have been following his long running series "Three in my Red Bed" - a sit com of socialism, sex, scandal and perjury.
He is reportedly claiming that he developed a sense of humour after his courtroom ordeal of last year but many readers will be aware that he showed a fine sense of farce long before this.
The months of courtroom comedy laid bare his private life to the world.
He won £200,000 damages from a Sunday newspaper last August after a jury decided he had been defamed but many have viewed the decision as perverse.

Sun-bed tanned Tommy hopes that (for a change) "...people will be laughing with me, rather than at me."
That of course depends in part on the ongoing police probe into possible perjury during the libel trial - which has been dramatically stepped up. The Crown Office have given police the go-ahead to make detailed inquiries following a preliminary report.

So the fallout from the libel dispute with the News of the World is far from over and may be the source of further mirth and merriment yet. Tommy Sheridan is assured of a long running part in this comedy farce and he knows it -
"It's not just the months ahead, it's going to last all my life," he says. "It's something that comes with the territory. These people will keep on coming at me but that's something I can deal with."

Good on you Tommy- spoken like the true ham that you are!

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