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Oct 12, 2008

Is crisis the new zeitgeist of the age?

Its amazing how human societies can suddenly transform in their mood and direction. Of course what seems a sudden and dramatic change often has much longer roots into an earlier period.

The picture here shows the trend for the search term "credit crisis". What this seems to show is a dramatic upturn in early September of people searching for the term credit crisis. This upturn is very steep and graphically illustrates how awareness of the emerging credit crisis was dawning on people, at least those people doing Internet searches. Just a few weeks later and we have experienced almost two weeks of quite incredible market turmoil and major problems with confidence in the banks.

It would be interesting I think to track all the words and phrases associated with the developing market problems and look at how the quantity of Internet searches had turned up for them. It would show what issues were coming to public consciousness at each stage of the developing crisis.


Looney said...

Interesting observation. What caught my attention was that oil peaked on July 11th and headed downwards from there. This was contrary to peak oil theory, but could have been taken as a clear indicator of credit problems. I suspect that when the final non-political analysis is done of this global collapse, the commodity price spike will be a key factor.

Bunc said...

I think you are right that the commodity price spike was a major factor. Looking back its clear that there were clear pressures in the system re credit flows and banks and that it only took some unexpected shock in the system to start the whole hing tumbling.

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