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Apr 11, 2007

Firm Collapses, 47 Jobs lost, Beith Ayrshire

Beith Ayrshire: The collapse of the DH Morris Group (a leading electrical group) will lead to over 400 Scots workers losing their jobs after the collapse of the firm. The job losses include 47 in Beith, Ayrshire which comes on top of the previously gloomy news for Ayrshire of the failure of Simclar. Receivers will also cut 200 jobs in Cumbernauld and another 195 at four other sites across Scotland,

DH Morris Group was founded in 1926, and has headquarters in Cumbernauld. It is thought that the group has debts of several millions of pounds after managers under-priced contracts resulting in huge losses.

The group consists of 13 separate electrical firms which carried out various sub-contracting work including for petrochemical giants BP and Shell.

Every firm in the group is in receivership. The shell-shocked workers have been told that there is no possibility of any business being sold on as a going concern. This means that probably most of the entire workforce of 471 will be made redundant immediately. Office staff may be retained temporarily to complete administration duties.

Receivers from accountants Ernest & Young have been appointed to handle the closures.

A spokesman for the receivers said:

"Letters are being sent to the homes of those who are being made redundant. "

The group recently expanded its operations by offering clients a mechanical contracting service.

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