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Feb 3, 2005

And they're off! - Ayr Racecourse revamp

A SCHEME to upgrade a Ayr racecourse has been approved.
The proposed £35m development will include a casino and multiplex cinema, a hotel, conference facilities and housing. It is expected to create more than 300 permanent and 300 temporary jobs and boost the Ayrshire economy by around £30m annually. Already improvements have been made at the racecource to bars and restaurants and a £3m redevelopment of the Western House suite into a modern wedding and conference venue should be finished by June.
Outline planning permission for the redevelopment has been granted by South Ayrshire Council. The revamp of the racecourse, home of the Scottish Grand National, should be completed by 2007 (it's centenary year) , subject to approval by the Scottish Executive. About 400 houses will be built, along with a retail development.
Mr Macdonald chairman of Dawn group, who bought the Grade One racecourse in 2003 expects the new development to generate continuing investment so that Ayr can compete with the likes of Ascot and York using cross-funding from the casino, cinema and housing to reinvest in the course.
The racecourse contributes around £4.6m to the local economy and this is expected to rise to £28.3m when developments are completed. It should give tourism in the area a major boost. Alterations to the road layout, a racing academy, hostel and stables are also planned.
There has been a lot of debate nationally in recent months about proposed expansion of casino gambling but these proposals are certain to be welcome locally.

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