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Feb 3, 2005

A Red Rose for Rabbie Burns

RED Rose the film about Robert Burns shot by Mauchline based Palm Tree productions is being supported by several MSPs at the Scottish Parliament.
Mairi Sutherland of Palm Tree said: “They have raised a motion of support for the film requesting more government support for screening opportunities for the film.”
The film continues on its 3pm matinee performance for the next two weeks at the Odeon Cinema in Queens Square, Kilmarnock.
Last weekend audience attendance was so encouraging that the Odeon has offered to keep the film on even after the next two weeks run so that Burns Clubs can book screenings to see the film.
To block book a screening in Kilmarnock contact Antony D’Arcy, marketing manager, on 01292 284244.
Future openings of the film are being scheduled for Dumfries, Inverness and London.
Screenings are also planned in New York for Tartan Day in April.

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