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Mar 24, 2007

Ian Paisley/DUP keep everyone waiting at the alter

Dr Ian Paisley and the DUP are determined to keep the population of Northern Ireland, Sinn Fein, the British Government and the Irish Government ( and those of us wanting to see some further substantial political progress) waiting at the alter of devolved government in Northern Ireland.
With a deadline for agreement looming on Monday, and reports that a film starring Liam Neeson is to be made about Dr Paisley, the BBC is reporting that Paisley and the DUP have agreed to enter power sharing with Sinn Fein but only on the basis of a further six week delay.
Sinn Fein, the panting bride-to-be, has described the DUP position as an attempt to "frustrate the will of the elecorate".
The bridegroom, Dr Ian Paisley of the DUP, clearly still feels that this is a bit of a "shotgun wedding" and is desperate to put of the final act for as long as possible. He is also complaining about the size of the dowry. This of course does not bode well for the likely long term success of this marriage of political opponents. Meanwhile the Father and Mother of the bride, the British and Irish Governments, are left wondering whether to re-arrange the date of the wedding or just call the whole thing of until the Bride and Groom sort themselves out!

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