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Mar 9, 2007

The Commonwealth

What is our Commonwealth? Think on this. 53 countries - thats just under a third of those ( 192) in the UN. One third of the worlds population. One third. A lot of people. People of all races and colours, poor and rich, east south west and north. What an influence for good in world affairs such a body should be.

These countries share a heritage, much of it blood and tears. The Commonwealth has to carry such history and demonstrate how a once brutal empire can give birth to a family of nations which change the world for good. There have been some encouraging signs in this direction but the Commonwealth is far, far from realising its potential.

The fault for this lies, in no small measure, with Britain. Britains membership of the European Union and its important links with the US have perhaps blinded it to the potential of the Commmonwealth. Has the Commonwealth had the impact that it should have done in world trading relationships for example, or in regard to human rights? Has the Commonwealth really made the most of the potential benefits it could bring for its citizens? Not by a long way.
Its time Commonwealth leaders thought on this and made it a more active and influential body.

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