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Mar 10, 2007

Retrofest Culzean Castle Ayrshire Sept 1-2 2007

retrofest culzean Updated 20th June 2007
We are very interested in your comments about Retrofest. Please take time to leave a comment below.
(Like Music?- you might enjoy these music videos
Organisers of Retrofest have confirmed that they are in talks to bring MICHAEL JACKSON and BOY GEORGE to the classic eighties’ music Retrofest festival at Culzean castle Ayrshire. ( 20th June - still no confirmation)

See below for ticket/contact info. Map here.
Book camping for the retrofest festival here.
Retrofest Bands Lineup (Updated 27th April)
Bananarama, Human League, Howard Jones, ABC, Go West, Jimmy Somerville, Tony Hadley, Kajagoogoo, Hue and Cry Hazel O'Connor Kid Creole & the Coconuts Four Good Men (ex-Simple Minds/H20),Blockheads.

Retrofest Talent Search
Pop duos and singer/songwriters are being offered the chance to play a three-song at Retrofest.
Brad Snelling, promoter for Retrofest, said:"We're happy to help give someone a bit of exposure. We might even have them back at the 2008 Retrofest if they are really good. While only one act can play on stage, we may host a few more acts on the website if they are good and deserve an extra push. And if someone's really bad, we might put them up as well - after all that's half the appeal of the X Factor, American Idol and so on - to see the really bad ones."

How To Enter the Retrofest Talent Search
Email your MP3 to newacts@retrofest.co.uk File size must be no larger than 4MB. All entries must be received by July 15th 2007.

Retrofest - Culzean Castle Tickets/location/Travel/contacts

Retrofest takes place at Culzean Castle in Ayrshire September 1 and 2 2007. Up to 20,000 are expected at this festival. The festival location is;

Culzean Castle, Maybole, Ayrshire, Scotland
KA19 8LET: 0870 118 1945 E:mailto:culzean@nts.org.uk

Retrofest website (also has info re accomodation)

The Retrofest Arena opens 13:00 on the saturday with the first band at approx 14:00, finishes approx 22:30. Family tickets must be bought in multiples of 4. Each family group should consist of 2 adults and 2 children aged 14 years or under. A family day ticket therefore costs £150(4 x £37.50).

For info on other UK Gigs and tickets - UK Band Tours
For info on the summers Live Earth concerts

The biggest tip would be for those who are camping. Remember it can be chilly in Scotland in September so make sure you have a) a good groundsheet b) an additional layer to insulate you from the ground ( you lose most heat to the ground) and a good warm sleeping bag and maybe an extra blanket. We might have an indian summer but we might not so come prepared.

The second tip is to make sure you bring insect repellant. Midgies are a curse in Scotland. They are not usually so bad in September but this is very weather/temp dependant. Autan, jungle juice is a good repellant. Culzean being near the coast is less midgie infested than inland but best to come prepared. If you dont and lots of midgies are out then you will regret it. Read more about the dreaded Scottish Midgie here.

Retrofest comments / background
While the eighties will be a strong part of Retrofest, it's not the only musical era remembered. In a first for a UK festival like this, there will be family tickets as well as one-day and two-day tickets available.

Tickets went on on sale through Ticketmaster Saturday March 24.

ABC's Martin Fry said: "I'm looking forward to this one. It's a good line-up and it'll be as much fun for me and the others all to be playing on the one line-up as it will be for the fans to watch us performing."

Keren Woodward from Bananarama said: "This is going to be a great concert. We've had some fantastic times up north and this could be one of the best. It should be a blast."

A spokesman for organisers Retrofest Limited said: “Everywhere you look just now the eighties are the hot period and the music was fantastic. It’s timeless. Some people might be saying that this is an old bands' festival but that’s not the case. Good music never gets old – look at the Rolling Stones – and the hits always linger. All it takes is hearing a song like Love in the First Degree or I Heard a Rumour and you’re back to your bedroom on a Friday night, getting ready to go out to a disco, all the energy and nervousness inside you that came from going out when you were young. Songs don’t get old, instead the music makes you feel young.

"Similarly songs like Teenage Kicks, We Close Our Eyes, you hear them and they still sound as fresh as they ever did. These songs aren’t old, they’re timeless classics and who better to perform them than the original artists?"

"Scotland this year is having a bumper year for festivals. At the end of the day it's the music fans that benefit. We believe Retrofest is completely unique in what it offers. Most festivals target one group. We’re saying this is a proper family event and offering a family ticket to that end and we hope families will come back every year."

"Scotland is a great country for festivals – and Culzean Castle a great venue. At the end of the day, the winners in all of this are the music fans as they have a great choice for festivals this year. Just as the other festivals aren't competing with us, we're not competing with them. And we’re not forgetting the local community in all of this. Studies show that an event the size of Retrofest can bring in more than a million pounds for the local economy and we’ll also be working with local charities.”

Tickets bought won't be sent out until August to help cut down on online touts profiteering from demand.

As well as 16 classic bands, there will be a fairground, stalls and other activities.

Mike Schafer, Property Manager at Culzean Castle and Country Park said: "The National Trust for Scotland team at Culzean is delighted to be involved in Retrofest. For too long people have thought of the National Trust for Scotland as being a charity that doesn’t reach out to everyone in Scotland and Retrofest is a way for us to show that’s not the case. We’re for all ages. Culzean Castle has a long and proud tradition for fantastic events and we’re sure Retrofest is the latest one to entertain people from all over the world.”


Mandy said...

Hi , thanks for the info on retrofest - and particularly the tips about the midges! We'll bring our insect repellant just in case!

Terri said...

Hi there - loads of good info thanks. We are really looking forward to going to this one.

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