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Feb 22, 2005

Annual Burns festival

The annual "Burns an’ a’ that" Festival will run from Friday, May 20 until Monday, May 30.
This is the fourth year of this succesful festival of Scottish culture.
The 11-day programme will be packed with lots of interest including Festival club nights, the Holy Fair, the Gala Concert at Culzean Castle as well as fringe events throughout Ayrshire.
The festival, which celebrates life and contemporary Scottish culture, will culminate in a fireworks display.
The festival highlight will be the Gala Concert at Culzean Castle on Friday, May 20, marking the beginning of festivities.
Last year audiences enjoyed performances from Karen Matheson, Evelyn Glennie, Phil Cunningham, Aly Bain and Caledon and the first major professional appearance of Scotland’s young violin virtuoso, Nicola Benedetti.
The orchestra of Scottish Opera have been confirmed to perform this year and the full line-up will be announced later.
Tickets for the event will be on sale from early April.

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