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May 15, 2009

Smile for the camera please

Rummuser asked about what I do at the weekends. Well to be honest frequently I try not to do much because my week often involves lots of traveling and many meetings and so on. This photo was taken by me one weekend recently on the coach home after a birthday party. I love the match of the two smiles.

Again I am not sure that the date is right. Note to self - check the date setting on the camera and then TURN THE DAMN THING OFF !!!


Looney said...

Oooo, this must really be a nasty picture. SonicWall has blocked it too - rating it "nudity".

Bunc said...

That sonic wall software is completely screwy - or extremely prudish.

Looney said...

Now I can see the picture. Who is the lovely lady?

Bunc said...

She has a very cheeky grin in that photo doesnt she? She's a family friend.

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