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Feb 1, 2010

The religious response to disasters

There's a great article in the times online by Richard Dawkins about the loathsome attitudes of the religious when natural disasters happen such as the recent one in Haiti.  Further religious loathsomeness was in evidence the other day also when a group of US baptists were caught trying to smuggle children out of Haiti no doubt to take them back tothe US to save their souls and have them adopted.

The fact that they had not bothered to check if all the children were in fact orphans or, even worse,  follow the necessary procedures for getting approval to take the children out of the country illustrates once again the arrogance of the religious when they are "on gods mission". Law, morality, common sense , logic - none of it matters when the religious think they have Gods calling to do his work.

Fortunately these Baptists were caught before they could spirit the children away and they are going to be dealt with by the Haitian law. No doubt they will get a slap on the wrist and sent on their way given that the US is the major player in the disaster recovery operation. Haiti unfortunately simply cant afford to have problems with the US at this point. These child stealing baptists really deserve to be in jail for child abduction..


Delirious said...

This is a horrible situation, made even worse by over generalizing saying "the religious" are doing these horrible things, only to follow up with, "some baptists". "Some Baptists" does not equal "the religious". In fact, there are many religious people helping right now, and they aren't stealing children. Have to be careful not to paint all religion in a certain light.

Rummuser said...

I could not have put it better than Delirious Bunc. I do not hold a candle for any religion. I however admire some for doing some remarkable social work during disasters with which, we in India are quite familiar. I would not brush all of them with the same paint. There are however some who do stupid things about which the less said the better.

Looney said...

Bunc, the 10 Baptists might be deserving of prosecution, but I have no doubt that they were trying to do what they felt was best for the children, even if misguided. Do you think they should be treated better or worse than, say, people who smuggle kidnapped young women into the EU or California to serve as sex slaves / prostitutes?

Bunc said...

To address Looneys last point - no I certainly don't feel that should be treated a harshly as the examples you give.

On the issue of "some baptists" as oposed to "the religious" im certainly not suggesting that what these peole did is representative of what many in religious communities are doing. I do though think it is symptomatic of a strain of arrogance that runs through religious communities who think that because they do things for what THEY see as good reasons that this somehow justifies it.

A syou knwo I am not as damning about all aspects of the impact of religion on soceity as Dawkins for example would be.

He makes his point quite fiercely but I do think that what Pat Robertson said is also symptoamtic of a strain of thinking taht runs through much religious response to events like this.

I am a bit more nuanced in my view though and i accept that there will be many relgious people doing good work in the situation.

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