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Oct 3, 2010

Small Business on the web

I get asked often to review websites, online services and products. Usually I only agree to do this here or on my other sites if I feel I have something useful to say or it strikes an interest with me. Someone sent me a request the other day asking if I would review a horse riding equipment website but that's not my ( horse )bag.

Reviewing a web hosting provider is more my thing though so I was happy to take up a request to review www.superb.net; a web hosting provider that aims to provide services to small and medium sized businesses.

Let's be honest - there are a shed load of companies offering web-hosting and server facilities and it's sometimes hard to figure out what makes one stand out from the others. There are the biggies of course like Godaddy - I have four domains registered with them and still use them for hosting but to be honest I have always found their user interface quite poor. They seem to cram every square millimetre of space with promotional offers and I have always found navigating to manage my hosting not very intuitive.

www.superb.net offer a typical range of services for a company targeting small and medium sized businesses from standard web-hosting to colocation and managed hosting (for those who have more substantial online business needs and somewhat deeper pockets).

Unlike some web hosting companies they  don't appear to offer a free start up web hosting account . I wonder if this is wise as I know from personal experience that many people grow their web businesses having started with small free accounts. Superb.net are I think though looking to by-pass this type of customer and reach for businesses who are already clear that they need a web presence and have some idea what they want.  Even though this is their strategy they do offer a good value web-hosting starting option call GridLight for $4.99 per month. This allows hosting up to 11 domains on the account.

The control panel for the web-hosting account is called MyCP but unfortunately as there is no free account access I was unable to test it to see how good it is.  I have had a few accounts that used the popular cPanel and found that easy to use. I assume MyCP is probably a bespoke control panel but I can't comment on how good it is without trying it.

Overall Superb.net look like a solid and reliable operation offering a full range of good value web-hosting and server solutions and any small or medium sized business looking to start or expand their internet presence would do well to check them out.

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