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Jan 19, 2009

Social Networking your stuff at Acobay

I am a regular little blogger these last couple of days!
I am also a bit of a sucker for new websites that seem to be doing something different. Although most of my online energy goes into blogging I do use some other sites and I try to keep an eye out for new stuff. I did have a look at twitter which is all the rage but it all seemed a bit pointless to me. I occasionally hang around Technorati and bookmarking sites and now and then I take a foray into other social networking sites.

Someone drew my attention recently to a new site that is out in Beta called Acobay which seems to be trying to find a new angle on social networking. On Acobay you network around your STUFF. What is stuff? Well things like mobile phones, cars, the type of computer you have and around your interests etc. For example once you register ( which I did to try it out - they don't require an email which is good) you can add your own stuff. When you do this you get linked with other people who have the same stuff. maybe somewhere out there is a clone of me with exactly the same stuff? Hmmm.

I put in my phone for example. Here's an example of Acobay's networking stuff map for cell-phones ( mobile phones to the rest of us). When I put in my mobile my only criticism is that it wanted to know the exact model and how much I paid for it. I wasn't sure of either so I kind of made it up. It would have been better with an I don't know option perhaps..

Acobay looks as if it might be interesting or useful for connecting with others who have the same stuff. As a Beta it's bound to have some quirks though. It's not likely to take me away from blogging but I will keep an eye on it in case Stuff networking is the next big thing in social networking. Personally I haven't yet made my mind up if I want to network around my stuff - but who knows?


Delirious said...

I recently tried Twitter, but I think it's kind of dumb. I guess I like to be connected, but not THAT connected. I actually don't have a cell phone. I don't like to talk on the phone, and if I need to make a call, I can always use a pay phone. There are times when I wish I had one in the moment that I need one, but I don't need it enough to pay for a cell phone bill. So I guess I don't have enough "stuff" to use Acobay.

Bunc said...

A pay phone! Let me guess - you don't drive round in a cart with a hood on it pulled by a horse and wear all black clothes as well do you? ( he he)

Mind you I do sometimes think that life would be much simpler without mobile phones. My Blackberry goes non stop with emails coming in and it gets to be a bit so you feel like a slave to it. But it's mine...you hear? all mine... my precious.

Marf said...

I use Technorati sometimes, too. This reminded me to go look up your blog and add it to my favorites on Technorati.

I've never used twitter, there's not enough people that care what I'm doing at any given moment. That, and it would show just how uninteresting my life really is.

I don't have a cell phone either. Although if I did I'd become a slave to it. For the internet part of it mind you; I hate talking on a phone.

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