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Dec 21, 2009

Winter White out Chaos

Ayrshire and much of the rest of the UK had a white out weekend that caused travel chaos across the country with trains stranded in tunnels and road disruption. We haven't been spared the snow here in Ayrshire and many folk were unable to get to work this morning as the councils struggle to keep the roads clear as more snow fell.

Probably the biggest disruption was for hundreds of passengers on Eurostar trains which got stuck in the Channel Tunnel at the weekend. There are stories in the press of people becoming very distressed and some being taken ill as they waited hours and hours to be taken out of the tunnel.

Across the UK we have become so used to mild and relatively snow free winters that blizzards like these cause everything to grind to a halt. There are reports of airports closing runways and lorries jack-knifing on the roads.

There's always a silver lining though and so this morning after being unwell for a few days I was well enough to go out and have my first snow-ball fight for a few years. I have three weeks annual leave over the Christmas and the New Year so as far as I am concerned it can snow all it wants.


Looney said...

Now that sounds like a good way to spend the holidays. I am picking up a cold now.

Rummuser said...

Bunc, I would dearly love to see you in a snow fight. Do please take some photographs or preferably a video and post them in your blog!

Bunc said...

Rum, I'll see what I can do to get some snow photos up.

Rummuser said...

You must read this too! http://www.washingtonpost.com/wp-dyn/content/article/2009/12/22/AR2009122202667.html?wpisrc=nl_opinions

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