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Nov 19, 2009

Ukraine gripped by Swine Flu - possibly

Not a long post on this one as I am still checking sources but there are reports that things are not going well in Ukraine over the Swine flu epidemic. Some sites have reported high death and hospitalisation rates and the BBC some days ago reported 60 deaths in one week and the imposition of some of the toughest measures in Europe to battle the epidemic including large scale school closures and severe travel restrictions.

Another report I have just read was even more alarming and was suggesting figures in the tens of thousands for people hospitalised with serious complications and hundreds dead in a short period. I am reluctant to link to this just now as I dont know if this was a reliable report.

The most recent WHO report on the swine flu situation in Ukraine seems to date around the end of Oct. It is written in the usual measured language of such reports but reading between the lines it is clear that the situation in Ukraine is far from well controlled. The more recent post I read which I'm not linking to suggested rapidly climbing death rates and the possibility that a more lethal strain has emerged. If there is a higher death rate there though it may well be that a lack of preparedness is more at the root of it. Lets hope so anyway.

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