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Nov 18, 2009

Sarah Palins rogue redneck dumbness

Sometimes when you look over at the US from this side of the Atlantic it's really hard to figure out just what makes many americans tick. The latest one that has me really puzzled is the broohaha over Sarah Palin and her recently released book "Going Rogue". This is the same woman remember who seemed to barely have a clue about how the Federal government worked and who couldn't describe the role of the US Vice President despite the fact that she was campaigning for the post on John McCains' ticket.

The fact that she stands up for the rights of Americans to own big guns and shoot living things has no doubt earned her a place in the heart of many Americans. Some of them do after all like to periodically take those big guns and shoot their fellow citizens and it is important that they defend their right to do this I guess.

Many countries sometimes get enthralled by politicians that to outside observers seem completely unfit for office. France has had her share of them and Italy seems so far unable to shake off its love affair with the buffoon sex addict Berlusconi. So we shouldnt be too hard on the US I suppose for its apparent infatuation with Sarah Palin and her brand of redneck dumbness.


Looney said...

I am not a Palin fan and won't disagree with anything you wrote. The hysterical reaction of the left-wing media to her book has me wondering a bit if I missed her true virtues, since they don't expend that kind of energy on a loser.

Bunc said...

I think the reaction from the left is one of hysterical disbelief at the star billing this woman inspires among the media and some section of the right in the US.

With that sort of star bllling the right will see her as someone to salvage their cause. The fact that shes a rogue dumbass will be neither here nor there when it comes to that agenda.

Rummuser said...

Come on Bunc, just look at her!

Bunc said...

Rum - I don't know what you mean ;-)

Marf said...

Sarah Palin is a disgrace to Alaska as far as I'm concerned. I'm glad she's no longer our Governor.

Although I'm still a strong supporter of the right to bear arms. If you outlaw guns, then only outlaws will have guns. This gives a big advantage to the outlaws.

Bunc said...

I guess its a very different culture in Alaska particularly. Here we have relatively little problem with guns - because there aren't as many guns in circulation. They are more common with drug dealers but they mostly use them on each other. Its incredibly rare that burglars and folk like that would go armed with guns.
I don't know how you could get rid of guns easily in a culture that's already riddled with them.

Marf said...

Yeah, I think you'd be hard-pressed to find a home in rural Alaska that doesn't have a gun. Well, I suppose the households of convicted felons won't (or shouldn't, at least).

I'm at my dad's house right now, and there's at least 10 guns of various types in the house. Pistols, hunting rifles, shotguns...

Bunc said...

There are few times I have ever seen a gun here ( other than right up north when I was with folk who stalked deer).

The last time was when there was some guy on the run that the police were chasing and for some reason he ended up in our village about four doors down from where I live. There were armed police everywhere and they got him out.
I got a photo and sold it to a newspaper for £50.

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