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Oct 7, 2008

Get blogging on Blog Action Day 15th October

The 15th October this year is Blog Action day. the aim of Blog Action day is to get bloggers all around the world to post on the same subject and to bring that topic to prominence by doing so.

Here is the link for the Blog Action day website. The topic for this years Blog Action Day is global poverty and the idea is that each blog makes at least one post on this topic with the post being written usually from the angle that suits that particular blog. the website suggests for example that a tech blog might post something about the impact of technology on global poverty etc etc.

No one is suggesting that bloggers are going to change the world ( well not this year anyway) but it is a way to bring an important issue to attention. So if you are a blogger consider going over to the Blog Action Day website and registering your blog and get ready to post about global poverty on 15th October - Blog Action Day 2008

1 comment:

EboR√Ęguebi said...

Finish with the Hunger!

Finish with the Poverty!

Finish with the War!

Live, simply live!

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