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Dec 7, 2009

Why Twitter is doomed now I have joined

It's the same old story for me - an Internet social media bandwagon comes along and by the time I overcome my distaste at being associated with anything too "trendy" the bandwagon has rolled on.

So this evening I joined Twitter. This of course means that the gold rush days of the Twitterati are truly over. The dust storms are blowing, the wells are running dry and even the homesteaders will be moving on soon.

I hope Twitter realise what they have unleashed allowing me to join their community. It means that there will be thousands of people just like me - "Twitter? - God no, thats just too popular for me!" - who are finally relenting and joining up only to post such inspirational tweets as "I am sitting eating my lunch and it is nice" or "Cool - I am now a follower of Stephen Fry!" ( Along with a million or so other little tweeters).

Well Im not going to follow Stephen Fry unless he follows me - you hear that Stephen Fry? Hmmm ... maybe I should tweet him just to make sure he's got the message....


Delirious said...

I started a Twitter account, but that's as far as I went with it. I think I'm too wordy for Twitter. I don't want to leave a little update, I want to BLOG! But the one thing most disconcerting about Twitter is that everyone and their dog are following me, and I don't know any of them! How can they allow someone to follow you without you allowing them? Facebook is much better. You only allow the friends you want. I don't think I'm much of a twitterer...if that's a word. ;)

Marf said...

So are you going to leave us hanging, or are you going to give us a link to your twitter username?

Bunc said...

My user name is Ayrshireblog.
And yes Im on facebook as well and have been for a while although I rarely use it. Orkut as well.

Marf said...

@ Bunc: Yeah, I managed to find you after a few searches on Twitter. I don't have a facebook, but I do have Orkut.

Rummuser said...

Bunc, I too joined up in Twitter because Conrad did and gave up on it after two tries.

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