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Nov 21, 2009

Do you hang or tumble?

The differences in the way people live their lives in different parts of the world are fascinating and sometimes these differences are surprising and revealing about the way people think.

I heard a comment on the radio while driving this week which suggests that in most of the US no one would ever dream of hanging their washing out on a washing line to dry and that most people tumble dry their washing. According to the comments it was suggested that Americans somehow see hanging ones washing out as just not quite the done thing and if I picked it up right I think it was suggested that in some places there are even rules preventing people from hanging their washing out.

If this is true I wonder if it is rooted in what seems to be a common American mind set that somehow technology and technological solutions are always preferable to simpler and non technical solutions. I think in many countries people have something of this mind set but the yanks seem to have this in spades.

In these days of people beginning to think about how efficiently they are using the worlds resources it does seem a bit daft if people are using tumble dryers when there is free fresh wind just outside their doors. I can understand people in high rise apartments using tumble dryers but for people who have gardens it does seem an unnecessary waste and actually a second best solution to natural drying on a line.

Of course it could be that Americans are just a bit more easily embarrassed than the rest of us at letting anyone see their underwear hanging on the washing line.

Maybe any American readers can throw some light on this issue - is it true that no one hangs washing outside and if so why?


Marf said...

We tumble dry, but I think that's more of a weather issue. Not too many days, even in the summer that it's not raining or at least overcast.

This last summer we had was an exception, but we just don't have good enough weather for most people to even have a line setup.

Bunc said...

I think we could probably excuse you lot and the Eskimos from outside drying arrangements then Marf.

Looney said...

I much prefer hanging clothes out to dry and have configured the back yard to facilitate this. The clothes just feel better.

I have also received threatening letters in the past from homeowners associations when we lived in a condominium for illegally hanging clothes outside to dry. It is true that in ultra-green California, it is illegal to hang your clothes out to dry in many places, which is quite an energy bill when you consider drying a year's worth of clothes.

Bunc said...

Good for you Looney - I am admire your cussedness on this issue.

Delirious said...

I think for most people it is a space issue. Many people don't have room to hang a proper laundry line. But I actually prefer tumbled dry clothes because they are softer, and it dries quicker.

Bunc said...

So you admit that your a tumbler D? Tut Tut shame on you ;-)

Rummuser said...

Bunc, I use a washing machine with a spin dryer. We still need to dry the clothes after the spin drying as there is dampness. I still prefer to dry the clothes in the sun for the sheer joy of the smell of sun dried clothes. Tumblers are yet to catch on here, but it is a matter of time.

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