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Jan 13, 2009

White Honky Prince Charles has Sooty Friend

White Honky Prince Charles has apparently got an Asian friend who he refers to affectionately as "Sooty" according to media reports today. ( See Telegraph - Prince Charles's Sooty Friend ).
This revelation comes after the media discovered home video of Prince Harry referring to an Asian army colleague as a "Paki".

Prince "White Honkey" Charles is presenting his use of the term "Sooty" as an affectionate nickname for his Asian friend and the suggestion is that the term is neither meant to cause offence nor is it taken in offence.

Honkey Prince Charles who is affectionately known to the UK population as "Old Redneck Honkey" is clearly trying to support his son as the establishment tries to defend Prince "Klu Klux" Harry from charges that his use of the term Paki is racist.

Deciding whether the use of terms such as Paki and "Nigger" is racist is a little complex. Black people in the US have to some extent reclaimed the word nigger as anyone who watches some of the more controversial Black American stand up comedians will soon discover.

The problem with the word Paki is that for many in the UK it is simply a shortened version of the word Pakistani and is not always intended offensively. Unfortunately however the word has a long history of being used by racist groups such as skinheads in a derogatory fashion and so for those on the receiving end it is usually a term that feels offensive.

"Old Redneck Honkey" Prince Charles and his son Prince Harry may not think that their use of the terms Sooty and Paki are racist or offensive but the test surely comes in asking if their friends are able to use similarly pointed nicknames when addressing them. Racism generally happens in the context of power differentials between groups or individuals.

I do wonder if the friends of these Princes starting calling them Honkey or Redneck all the time whether they would find the idea of the use of such terms so unobjectionable.

What do you think? Please leave a comment.


Delirious said...

My experience is that within different ethnic cultures, they use those same words to describe themselves. If they use it themselves, I don't think they should be upset if others do.

Bunc said...

The Pakistani community in Britain generally doesnt use the term Paki within its own community - although I gather there is some use of the term "Typical Paki" (usually abbreviated to TP but I am not sure that this is widespread.

Anonymous said...

Everyone needs to grow a thicker skin I reckon.

I am Not a Paki said...

As a British Asian I have been called Paki before and I object to it. I am not a Pakistani so it isn't even accurate. Why should I have to grow a thicker skin?

Anonymous said...

Honkey Prince Charles LOL

Anonymous said...

I'm not a Paki either, but as a Kiwi I get called Gringo by all and sundry in Brazil. I don't give a shit.


Bunc said...

Hi Argentum,
I know what you mean.

On the other hand Pakistanis in the UK have been subject to some quite terrible racism at times in which physical threats ( and sometimes violence) accompanied the use of the term Paki. This might be why there is more sensitivity about this word than for words for some other groups.

SMB tech geeks said...

I like your thinking Bunc. Has anyone else thought that the world would be a slightly sadder place if we didn't have the gaffes of the Royal Famille to relish? They have, afterall, been providing us with some absolute corkers for generations - perhaps it's a genetic thing?! I am truly saddened though, if their misguided prattlings have caused serious offence.

rummuser said...

A brown man from South Asia from India,Pakistan, Bangladesh or Srilanka will inevitably experience being called a Paki by someone or the other in Britain. I have been and have understood why. In all the countries that I have mentioned, an Anglo Saxon is likely to be called a gora or words to that effect. These terms are used to identify and perhaps even express differences, by ignorant people. Now what does that make the good Prince?

Let us not fool ourselves. We have a long way to go before racism is eradicated and the sense of the 'other' is given up.

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