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Trying to get your average Joe creationist to understand the phrase scientific theory is as hard as getting a fish to enjoy mountaineering. Its an unimagined world for them - it requires a complete reversal of their normal modes of thinking and being. The fact that humans could explain the complexities of this world without a creating God is a world view they cannot grasp. It's like asking a tuna if it appreciates the view from the top of Mount Everest. Bunc

Jul 7, 2008

For Mum

This is for Mum with love;

A life well loved is but the briefest spark
From child to wrinkled age we soon depart
Anne's life has on us all made lasting mark
Sweet mother, sweet child, dear heart.

Here lies our mother, nana, sister, friend
A soul of strength and joy; example to the end
Her wish that now your hearts are made to mend
Sweet mother now to your God we send.

1 comment:

Looney said...

I prefer to listen and be speechless in times like this. The poem is very nice - it is simple, and from my inadequate vantage point seems to say all that is needed. Take care.

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