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Apr 16, 2008

Upgraded my Broadband to Sky

I finally decided recently to upgrade to a better Broadband provider and after looking about decided to go for Sky Digital after a friend who had recently got one of their packages recommended it. They have what they call SEE, SPEAK and HEAR packages which were around £19 per month. This is a good deal for me because it includes TV, Phone and PC broadband all in the one package. The package which had Broadband TV and Phone was, at least for me, easily the best deal around. I also wanted to be sure that the service was reliable and I have had good reports about Sky re reliability. So I have been recommending to other folk to check Sky for these combined packages as the other providers don't come close to matching this for value in my opinion. There's info on the Sky TV Phone and Broadband packages here .

I have been intending to get satellite TV for a while now as I am a bit of an addict for History Channel and wildlife programmes and there is a lot of that on Sky TV. Trouble is I will probably end up glued to the new satellite TV channels and that will be one more distraction for me - as if I don't have enough.

As an aside I was reading something recently which seemed to suggest that the US lags quite a way behind the UK in terms of the availability of high quality broadband. I found this surprising as we tend to think that we are usually playing catch up with out transatlantic cousins.

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Marf said...

One problem with satellite Internet is a noticeable delay if you're playing multiplayer games over it. Also I'd expect a small delay if you were to use VOIP.

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