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Oct 7, 2007

Crandon Wisconsin Mutiple shootings

Sadly there has been yet another mass shooting in the United States. Reports suggest that this time around five young people who were at a house party have been killed by a man who burst in. Reports suggest that the man was a local law enforcement officer and that he may have had some involvement with a girl at the party who he went there to kill.
The shootings took place in the town of Crandon Wisconsin a small tight knit community.
So yet again some emotionally disturbed citizen in a state of turmoil decides to solve their problem by the gun. Sad - but predictable.
Its not a happy time to be proved right about the issue of gun control in the US which I had written about in a previous post on the Virginia Tech shootings. I said then that it wouldn't be the last multiple shooting in the States and it hasnt , sadly, taken long for this to be proved true.


Anonymous said...

The shooter was a 20 year old Forest County Deputy and a part time Crandon police officer. My comment is regarding his age...
20 years old and you can be a full time deputy or police officer? How about some training?

Bunc said...

I agree with your comment - but I doubt if it will turn out that training would have stopped this one. maybe not letting twenty year olds have access to guns might have helped.

BlogTramper said...

Just an American here on a blog prowl. He was twenty but in small town america is not un-common to have young police officers. Also the note on gun control... if you compare the US and Canada you will find that per capita Canada has more guns and less violence i would not blame loose gun control for "Mass Shootings" its probably a more deep seeded cultural thing... just thought i would put an americans 2 cents in

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